Desknani Review

We know that most of you are here to know the legitimacy of different scam websites. Numerous websites like Desknani Network Media Co. Limited are scams and they are offering unrealistic discounts or offers on the purchase of products. That’s why; you are here to know the truth about this site and how it can be a scam for others.

Look, there are several ways that scammers can do scams with users. So, you have to be aware of such sites before investing or purchasing on this website. Keep reading and continue to gather more information about Desknani and its scam activities.

Let’s Find Out Some Specific Reasons Stated Desknani is a Scam or Problematic!

For every scam website, there may be several reasons and some of them are as follows that you should know. Have a look:

Special Offers or Heavy Discounts

Most of the time, fraud sites always attract their users by offering special offers or heavy discounts. Similarly, Desknani Network Media Co. Ltd. And other similar sites are selling products by providing unrealistic heavy discounts along with special offers. And, it is not a good thing because no legit website can offer such heavy discounts on the purchase of every product. It shows that there is something wrong with the site and discount is a key component through which users can get attracted. Hence, if you find any website with the same name as the company Desknani which is selling items at low rates then you should think that it is a fraud.

Safety of Website

None of such sites have proper security like genuine websites. In other words, scam websites do not provide security measures like Norton, McAfee, and other security features. Some of these sites also tried to trick potential users by displaying fake trust seal logos of different security measures like Norton, McAfee, etc. Hence, if you shop at such sites, there are several chances to access your information whether it is financial or personal.

Social Media Contents

We all know that it is only through social media that we can identify or share our reviews with others. Some of these websites also do not provide any social media icons on the website and some of these sites provide fake icons of social media that will redirect you to the home page. This link can redirect you to the other unrelated business pages of this specific social media site when you click on them. In addition, you should understand that genuine online stores mainly offer social media icons on their website. These icons help to link to the business related to pages, profiles, or social media groups.

Similar Content

You may also find different copy-paste content on all the websites with the same name of the company as Desknani. After searching policy pages like Refund Policy, Privacy Policy, and Terms & Conditions, we found that contents are copy-pasted and all of these contents are from other scam sites. In the same manner, you may also find the exact name of another email address or website related to another domain name on the content of such sites. It may only happen when copy-pasted these details from the other websites.

Customer Complaints along with Refund Policy

All the websites with the same company name have several complaints which are common from the users. Some of these complaints are delayed delivery, poor quality of the products, fake products, bad reviews, products that look different from advertisements, useless refund policy, and much more. The additional thing is that this website is acquiring a higher amount on the purchase of products compared to the other genuine websites. So, all of these points stated that we have to think several times before purchasing or investing in such scam websites.

Existing Scamming Record

It is also true that most of the websites with the same name of a company like Desknani have not delivered the products to the customers. Sometimes, they deliver entirely cheap items that look completely different from what users see in the advertisement.

On the other hand, some of these sites are considered problematic or scam websites because they provide low-quality and duplicate versions of the product. In this way, users have to think and do research about the specific company’s previous record to validate whether the website is performing scam activity or not.

Lots of websites with the same company name have been closed by scamming thousands of people and that’s why; it is important to keep updated on such scams or suspicious products or websites.

What to Do If You Scammed with Desknani or Other Scam Websites?

  • Immediately Stop Contact with the Scammer – Do not reply to any messages, emails, or letters that the scammer sends, and hang up the phone immediately. Also, don’t make any extra payment to the scammer, and try to stop contacting him/her right away.
  • Secure Your Financial Details – Report such incidents to the credit or debit card information and bank account so that they can reverse or cancel fraud transactions.
  • Check Your Computer or Desktop – If your computer was accessed by a scammer then make sure to check the anti-virus (updated) and run it thoroughly to ensure that your system is free from keylogging and malware software. You should also require the assistance of a computer repair company.
  • Change the Passwords of Account – Make sure to update the passwords of your credit card, bank, debit card, email account, and social media accounts. This way, you can limit unauthorized access and try to select a strong password while changing it.


We already mentioned the specific reasons that Desknani is a scam site. Also, we explained some important steps to take after being scammed by scammers. Try to share this post and review it with others who always try to search for different things online through such scam websites. It will help them to gain their knowledge and users can prevent themselves.

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