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If yes then you have to read some important reviews about this website. This will help you to identify why this website is a scam and why we consider it in our scam category. If you are here to find out in detail then you have made a perfect decision because it is not a legitimate one.

In this review, we will tell why these websites or Renyya is a scam. Apart from this, thousands of online websites are scamming millions of people. Read this article till the end and obtain more details about scam sites!

Renyya is not a Trustworthy. Why?

In general, there are numerous ways and alternatives through which we identify why Renyya is not a genuine or trustworthy website. Some of them are as follows:

  • First of all, it has offered its parent company’s address and name as “XBP International Ltd. 145-157 St. John Street, London, England, EC1V 4PW”. You can also find out different problematic or fraud websites with the same parent company name like as Isaplin, Michria, Haobaobeibo, Tylerol, Globuci, Tiarine, Earlmer, Applemoz, Sanatia, Horases, Jeniana, Hymund, OliveSong, Cemocn, Halres, Elairia, Heycolar, DowellinSweet, Starrysun, and much more.
  • It has offered an email address [email protected] that is not connected to the domain name of the website.
  • Numerous details and the design of the website always match with several problematic websites among which most of these are also selling the same kinds of products as well. The legit or genuine websites mainly have genuine content instead of copy-paste ones.
  • It is also selling several products by offering unreasonable rates of discount. These discount offers are usually offered by sites that do not obtain genuine business strategies. Thus, such a website is trying to scam human beings with adorning schemes.
  • It has offered the fake or untrustworthy seal logo of McAfee and Norton on the checkout page. Hence, this website is also not secured properly and your financial and personal information like credit card information may be at risk if you buy on websites with low-security features.
  • You may also find several complaints for all websites with the parent name of the company as “XBP International Ltd.”. So, it is best to avoid these types of scam websites with the same parent company name XBP International Ltd.
  • Its exchange or return policy is not good at all which will make everyone so difficult to get a complete refund. In addition, you can search for the same type of Return Policy on several problematic websites.

What are the Different Kinds of Scam Websites?

There are distinctive kinds of scams online and websites also come in distinctive sizes and shapes. Every scam website type has different features that serve as a red flag for spotting such people:

  • Phishing Websites – These sites are one kind of phishing attack and fraudsters distribute the links to such websites through email. This way, it fakes everything from the receiver to every aspect of the site they pose as. Everything instead of trivial nuance in the URL makes it seem like a genuine company like PayPal or Amazon.
  • Fake Discount Pages and Online Stores – In general, fake e-shops seem like real e-commerce websites, instead, they don’t sell anything. They claim user goods or services with vouchers or discounts that sound too good. You can also add products to the cart, go to the page of payment, and submit your payment details. In general, scammers get payment card information like CVV codes for suspicious purchases on the next bank account statement.
  • Fake Ticket Sellers – With fake online websites, you may also find pages that pretend to sell tickets. In such a case, you may also receive a ticket but it won’t grant users entrance anywhere because the ticker may be fake.
  • Clone Websites – Some clone websites imitate legitimate companies and they pose as government banks, health insurance, bank, or other kind of authoritative institutions. In addition, clone websites ask users to pay fines or expand insurance, and alert you about suspicious payments on the account. It may also rush users into confirming bank details, passwords, and other details. If you fall into such a website scam, you should contact nearby authorities or the concerned department.


Because of the reasons we have already mentioned above, we conclude that Renyya is a fraud or suspicious website. Furthermore, if you know or have additional information about this company then you can use our comment section. After getting all the details or reviews, we will be happy to hear from users and assist in avoiding online scamming.

If you also agree with Renyya’s review and want to share this detail with the families and friends then share this post with them via social media accounts. Through the search box on the website find the review of the website that users are looking for. Or, you may comment below or in any further posts and ask us to check the website.

We will be so happy to assist users and save users from scams or fraud. Furthermore, we are not saying that Renyya is completely a scam because we don’t have any right to say the same. And, we have not purchased any product on this online website. We are here to show some important facts about this online website and we hope that such facts will assist in making a perfect decision.

In general, we also recommend users check other articles or reviews under our “Suspicious” or “Scam Alert” category. By visiting these categories, you will have more expertise about several types of suspicious and scam websites along with online activities.

If you want to save yourself from different scam online websites, always avoid such websites that provide products at very low prices. Also, verify the contact details offered on the website and avoid the same without any contact information.

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