Are you also finding true reviews about Do you want to find out reviews in real life? Is the website a scam or genuine? If yes then you should read this review completely. It will help you to find out the complete truth about so that you will get a clear idea about whether it is a suspicious or genuine site. Hence, let’s begin with the review of

Let’s Discuss Some Specific Reasons Stated that is a Scam or Fraud!

  • First of all, has not secured or saved its website completely. It means that your financial and personal information is not secured and it will be at risk if you shop at Hence, it is important to stay away from such suspicious websites because it can turn your money into waste.
  • Additionally, has several similarities with several problematic or fraud websites like as JoePretty, Kikoutlet, Cutevana, Chicly, Ouslily, MolyDress, ArcladyShop, PearlzillaShop, CoronaBlue, BasaChic, and many more. The theme of this website is not so small or tidy, several images offered on the website are blurred and don’t seem like the original images. has offered the exact product pictures for several products with distinctive price tags and names (you may see in the screenshot above) and it is very weird and unprofessional. Numerous details offered on the website exactly match with further different problematic websites. has not secured its site completely.
  • We have numerous online stores these days, similar to, that have several complaints. Customers of the same types of websites also have complained that the customer support of such types of online websites is very bad. Also, the items they have offered are so low in quality that seem completely distinctive from what they have shown on the website. Customers have complained that they already have paid more money compared to the real value of the products. People of the same types of websites also have complained about the useless refund policy and delivery time of such types of websites. Thus, has numerous similarities to such types of online stores.
  • We are also not able to locate or find out any company with the name on its given address of the company. Along with these lines, Google Maps also can’t find out its actual given address and also concealed its owner’s address and name in WHOIS. If it has offered the exact company’s address on the website and we don’t find any reason to cover or hide the exact address in WHOIS. Since there are numerous scams or fraud online websites nowadays it is best to avoid these online stores that offer doubtful contact details.
  • Like other kinds of fraud or problematic websites, does not let users purchase the listed items that cost above $100. And, it has listed several products that cost more than $100 and these blunders mainly happen with fraud websites. In addition, it also lets users purchase the clothes without choosing the size. Hence, it is very doubtful if they send you any product or not since they can send users products like jackets or T-shirts without any expertise about the exact size that you require.

Note – Because of the above reasons mentioned, we don’t recommend as a genuine website. That’s why; we have listed in the category of “Not Recommended” and if you also have a distinctive opinion or thought or want to share your reviews on then you should feel free to leave a comment below.

What are the Signs That Show a Specific Website is a Scam or Website?

Whenever you visit the website and want to identify whether it is a scam or genuine, make sure to look at some important signs as follows:

  • Claims that an investment will earn lots of money and anything that looks too good to be true is.
  • People who are not licensed to sell securities in different states.
  • People who are offering unregistered securities in distinctive states.
  • People who lie and say that they know lots of things about your investment or retirement needs.
  • If any website doesn’t have any right paperwork that describes the investment.
  • A pushy and aggressive salesperson who wants your answer, signature, money, and other details right away.

How to Avoid Investment Scams on Suspicious Websites like

  • First of all, you have to ensure whether the broker of that website is licensed or if anyone has complained about them. It will help you to identify the records or previous history of the company.
  • Don’t forget to read about and understand any kind of investment before you provide someone with your money. Also, ask for the information in writing and do further research about that certain website.
  • Obtain the company details and name before investing or spending your money. Also, research the company details and the person who is running that website so that you can decide to invest.
  • Always look for investment firms with “senior certification” or who are claiming retirement consultants.
  • Lastly, make sure to contact your authorities about the specific website and do complain. It will help you to be aware of such suspicious websites.

In Summary

Lastly, we want to say that there are several ways to complain about such fraudulent websites. In general, these sites are not genuine and is one of them. If you have any doubts or want to share your reviews or thoughts, don’t forget to use our comment section below.

However, several human beings fall into a scam through online sites because of the very low product price that most of the fraud online websites provide on such specific products. Instead of falling into these scams, it is best to do further research or review these sites.

Also, don’t forget to go for the customer reviews about that specific website and go for the signs of bad online websites.

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