AdvStuff is also called AduStuff which is not a legit or trusted online store. There are several types of fake and scam websites available in the online market. However, people are not aware of those websites because they always look the same. That’s why; we are here to expose different scam websites through which you can save your money and it will make you alert before investing or exploring any website.

Apart from this, AdvStuff is a scam website or online store operated and run by a serial scammer who has several scams online stores. Nowadays, the number of these scammers is increasing day by day and that’s why; it becomes important to be aware of such scam sites.

Now, most of the users are willing to know how to identify whether AdvStuff is a scam or legit. If yes then let’s start our tour or review to find out why this online store is a scam. What makes it a scam and what is exactly AdvStuff? Whether you are new or experienced on the page, it is essential to know different things about such scam or fraud websites!

How to Check Out Whether a Website is Scam or Legitimate?

Are you also tired of scams? Do you want to find out how to identify or avoid scam websites? If yes then you are on the right page! We are going to reveal some important points that will help users identify the scams. Have a look:

The Information of Address and Owner of the Company are Completely Hidden!

If there is no exact source of contact like what is the address, who is the owner, who is operating the website, and from where these people are operating their website, then it is a perfect sign of a scam online store. Hence, it is always best to avoid such online companies as priorities if there is no exact way to contact the team directly.

However, several types of other websites try to trick users by delivering fake contact details. You need to do some research on such contact details like you may cross-checking the name of the same owner and address that has been mentioned in the company registration detail.

Customer Support Service

If the customer support of a few companies is not responsive then it is another important sign of a scam. However, you may send them an email before joining any company for asking related to the same company. If users also don’t get a reply within 7 working days then it is better to leave that company at the same time.

Claim for Huge Money

When any company or website promises to pay a huge amount of money, an unbelievable rate for simple works, and claims to make rich overnight and many other things, then it is a scam. Additionally, you can’t expect to earn more than only 3 digits of income from any genuine or legit websites in just 1st month.

Even, you can’t earn money within the 1st month by working in such legit companies. That’s why; users have to be aware while shopping or investing in any scam website. If it is providing a huge money or discount then you have to cross verify all the chunks and then take action accordingly.

Promise to have Magical Products to Treat Diseases that Doctors Can’t

Several MLM companies are promising they have several magical health and wellness items that can treat cancer or other big sicknesses. Also, they promise that they have found different secret ingredients to make their supplements very effective.

But, if you check the bottom of the websites, some of them may have mentioned by themselves that their supplements have not been verified by different authorities like the FDA. So, it is important to be aware of such websites because they can keep your money sane.

Special Discounts

When you land on the website of the company, you may find out several discounts or special offers to join that company as per your budget. So, make sure to avoid such websites where you are getting huge discounts or special offers. It may be a scam or fraudulent activity for all human beings.

Why is AdvStuff Known as a Fraudulent Website?

Whenever you find out about any online store known as AdvStuff then you must run away from such an online store because these online store websites running Qandies limited already have scammed several people in several ways.

Usually, the addresses “2.27 Romer House Lewisham High Street, London, England, SE13 6EE” and “International House, 64 Nile Street, London, England, N1 7SR” are not the real addresses of Qandies Ltd. Company.

Besides, these are virtual addresses rented to register any company in the UK Companies House. Hence, you may also not find any company or online store with the same name (Qandies Limited AdvStuff, or AduStuff) situated in those addresses.

There are lots of fraudulent companies that have registered from the UK Companies House by offering these virtual addresses. To find out how these scam companies are registering from these UK Companies House, you may explore online or on Google.

All of the online stores running by Qandies Limited have similar types of issues like they don’t usually deliver anything to the customers. Or they may deliver damaged or wrong items which may be very less than what customers have paid for.

The additional thing is that “Privacy Policy” and “Terms of Service”, WHOIS details, and several other details provided by AdvStuff Store can match with several scam websites.


If you have already offered or provided information on credit cards to AdvStuff or any other scan websites. We suggest you quickly contact your credit card or bank companies to cancel your credit card and easily get a new one.

However, these types of scam websites even can charge credit cards randomly in the future without any consent. If you want to find out the tips on how to identify the scams by yourself you can save yourself from the scams.

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